Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 17~ Chinese New Year over.. =(

Chinese New Year over d lo.. Haizzz.. A week back, my cell group and I went each others house to visit..Lol! A lot of jokes going round..Julian's dad is very open, he can joke, not many fathers are like that, very cheerful and happy.. We watched '' TRAIN ''. A very violent and crazy movie.. Sien...
This picture took my Siew Mun..Hehe.. =)

Playing cards..I got Tai Di! Don't peep!! XD

Very tired la.. Overnight in Jasrynn's place on Friday.. We went Karaoke until 4am then we went back and sleep until 11am like that.. I forgotten about breakfast and lunch, slept until 5pm..Haizzz, felt like a weakling, next time is I'm sick with gastric,its very unbearable,life is just so difficult when you have gastric..

My parents told me when its uncure, life will be twice difficult..No matter what portion of food, big or small, you will have stomach problem.. Cham... Luckily its not too late.. Haha! Ate charcoal tablets yesterday.. Felt much comfortable now..Still weak..Will upload the pictures took on Friday for next post! Very weak for now...

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