Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 18~ My lovely friends..

Finally the pictures are uploaded! This is the night where we celebrate Yih Shyang and Joy's birthday! Joy,we love you..Gambatte in Singapore bible study! We will pray for you.. We went Macdonalds, then to karoeke..Let the picture speak for itself.. =)

Me and Joy =D

Joy,Andrew and I,so serious man Andrew..

The beatles..LOL!

Yih Shyang is excited XD
Yih Shyang's birthday!!
Wishing.. 3 wishes..Hmmm..
With the girls..
With us guys..
All of us..
Fan of one piece..BOO CHAN!

Awwww...My daughter finally found..
Kai lui,me and Andrew..
Jonathan busy solving quizzes..
Shan Yong also..All because of Hui Min crazy quiz! =.=''
Jasrynn and I..
Xiang Lin and I..
She's complaining me tall..
So I bent down lo.. hor.. =(
My throne..
Pass it down to JOY.. Happy belated birthday!
Joy's two security guards..
Jonathan feeding Joy..
Joy's birthday cake..
Karoeke session..

Joining them lame lame...

Jasrynn and I..
So early take pictures..
5 more minutes..
Long time picture..Ate in Zanmai..

That's all for today..Hehe..Next post will upload my hair cut photo.. =D

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