Monday, March 22, 2010

Chapter 21~ I miss you Joy Joy! =( All the best for SOT in Singapore..

I missed Joy Joy so much now! LOL! She's my cell group leader,very cheerful, intelligent,mature and so much more I can describe about her.. So sad, but looking at the good side, she is growing! Now she's in Singapore for SOT.. Somehow felt so empty,something is missing in Subang Jaya.. Haizzz.. She went last week on the 20th of March.. Will be back after 6 months.. Now our we as a cell group member have to take care our cell group after she's gone..

I still remembered we all went to karoeke and overnight in Jasrynn's house.. Anyway, these are the photos I managed to upload.. =)

This is Joy, she's kinda playful,hehe..Very cheerful,she took this picture using my phone.. =DJoy and I got closer as time goes back ( 2008 )She is good at camwhoring =)

Very pretty girl and sweet girl..
Nice to play with..
Love to pose and outgoing! XD
Open minded and not afraid of what others may think..

There are more photos actually, somehow just upload a few.. Knew Joy since end of the year 2006 until now.. LOVE YOU JOY ANGELINE GOH!!!! ^^