Monday, April 26, 2010

Chapter 26~ Love Love...

Last 2 days which is Saturday and Sunday, my church invited a well known, funny yet powerful speaker!! Pastor Pat Mesiti.. He preached on relationship series.. It was so true.. I bet everyone had fun listening to him, so true man when he talks about the differences between male and female.. Although some truth is ugly to hear, but we need to digest and accept the fact.. So many examples he had given..

When a girl talks, she wants to explore, if a guy try to fix her problem, its a foolish act to do! Cuz the whole point is that she just want you to listen!

When a guy sigh, is ok.. But when a girl sigh, is not a good thing!

Event+ Emotion= Memory.. The fact that guys don't remembered a lot is because some of them lack the emotion thing

A girl's mind is like a wired, connect and link to each other, that's why they are multi-tasker! We guys like boxes, so many box in our mind that we need to open up one by one, that is why we cannot do everything in once..

A girl's mind means everything, a guy's mind is like nothing..

When a guy is down,girls, please leave them alone..

When you say something to a girl, immediately she will remember it.. However, a guy don't remember a lot, cuz they have selective hearing.. So,girls must tell the guy more than once!

A guy is dying for respect!! Give a compliment to a guy not a complain!

If you think you give a girl surprise 2 times a year and think that you did a great job, the truth is you just gained 2 points.. Girls prefered surprises every week than annually,it depends cuz they love surprises..

Guys, when you talked to girls, look them into the eye, cuz mostly guys,they love looking around..Focus! Girls love guys that give eye contact, its like connecting the soul..

Well, there is so much to say, haha! Just roughly giving some example, Pastor Pat is just so amazing! Hehe.. XD

Monday, April 19, 2010

Chapter 25~ Swimming Outing!! ( 17th of April 2010 ) =)

On Saturday, me, Shan Yong, Jeremy,Chin Soon,Kai Qin, Elaine, Phei Wen and Sharon went swimming in Ian's condo.. Hehe.. I woke up at 5.30am, went to Taipan eat Macdonald breakfast.. Than, fetch Sharon and met in Elaine's place.. We departed after everyone arrived... Chin Soon at first lost all the way cuz lost track from Shan Yong, but later we made a U-turn and followed Shan Yong's instruction and finally reached! =)
Ian's Condo..

Ian borrowed us his frisbee for us to play..
Nice place to swim, like nature..
Chin Soon took a picture of me.. =)
Everyone soon get tired..
Our group picture!
Take 2!
Aiya..wrong timing..
Playing around... XD
A nice photo =)
Anyway, this picture took after service, our bak kut teh outing..

After swimming, we guys went for hot sauna.. Hehee.. Good for blood circulation.. =) Alright then, till next time ^^

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chapter 24~ The old days... =D

These are the photos taken during my trip to Singapore for EMERGE...hehee...The good old days.. Missed that moment..

With Belinda =)
Me,Joy, Miss Taiwanese and Jimmy..
Waiting for entry.. XD
Ian and I =)
Wen Dee and I =D
Jimmy and I

Hehe..Just thought of posting pictures like this for memories... =)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Chapter 23~ 1 week holiday is over..

Haizzz.. Time just passed by very fast..Especially holidays.. Juz elapsed unconsciously.. Yesterday I did my 1000 words assignment last minute..Hehee.. Last few weeks Ka Hong came to my house to install Devil May Cry 4. Unfortunately my computer cannot support it because of low graphic card capacity.. =.='' Haizzz.. So, I used my dad's lap top. However, I cannot always depend on my dad's lap top.

So yesterday, my parents and I went to Subang Parade to buy a new graphic card.. It cost RM299. I was excited at that time. After buying it, I called my uncle for assistance to slot in my graphic card into the PCU which is today. Haizzz... So unfortunate, he stated my graphic card which is in the motherboard is attached, in another words, sealed.. Haizz.. If I slot in extra graphic card, which is altogether 2 graphic card, my computer may not able to read 2 graphic card, and might end up damaging the PCU...

I was so excited in the beginning,currently I'm so frustrated!! My uncle gonna asked his friend for help in Summit. Hopefully able to fix it.. Haizz.. Disappointed..Anyway, this coming Saturday I have block teaching for MOB.. Sien..Don't feel like going to that boring place. Furthermore is weekends, what are they thinking man? Memang no life wan this people.. All they know is study.

Really hope my computer is able to modified!! Oh gosh! Very impatient! =(

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chapter 22~ Happy 1 week holidays to VU and Happy Easter!! Xp

Happy holidays! 1 week mid semester break..Mum went to hometown alone for " Ching Ming" our chinese tradition. Yesterday Easter " The Final Solution" was awesome man! I brought Guo Yao along there, once we reached City Harvest, we saw a long queue.. Thank God I found Jasrynn!! Hehee.. Anyway, I have to serve choir for last minute..

My choir members =)

Glad that I remembered the song lyrics.. The production gave a meaningful message about life, heard Shan Yong shed in tears..Hehe.. Guo Yao seafield friends came too..After the service, me and Guo Yao went to Macdonald to have our supper..We haven't eat our dinner..I was talking to him about Devil May Cry all along.. Xp

By the way, self took these photos before going out.. Xp

Testing the camera..
Trying on different angle..

Hehe..Thats all for today..Time just flies..Like I say many times d.. =)