Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chapter 22~ Happy 1 week holidays to VU and Happy Easter!! Xp

Happy holidays! 1 week mid semester break..Mum went to hometown alone for " Ching Ming" our chinese tradition. Yesterday Easter " The Final Solution" was awesome man! I brought Guo Yao along there, once we reached City Harvest, we saw a long queue.. Thank God I found Jasrynn!! Hehee.. Anyway, I have to serve choir for last minute..

My choir members =)

Glad that I remembered the song lyrics.. The production gave a meaningful message about life, heard Shan Yong shed in tears..Hehe.. Guo Yao seafield friends came too..After the service, me and Guo Yao went to Macdonald to have our supper..We haven't eat our dinner..I was talking to him about Devil May Cry all along.. Xp

By the way, self took these photos before going out.. Xp

Testing the camera..
Trying on different angle..

Hehe..Thats all for today..Time just flies..Like I say many times d.. =)

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