Monday, April 19, 2010

Chapter 25~ Swimming Outing!! ( 17th of April 2010 ) =)

On Saturday, me, Shan Yong, Jeremy,Chin Soon,Kai Qin, Elaine, Phei Wen and Sharon went swimming in Ian's condo.. Hehe.. I woke up at 5.30am, went to Taipan eat Macdonald breakfast.. Than, fetch Sharon and met in Elaine's place.. We departed after everyone arrived... Chin Soon at first lost all the way cuz lost track from Shan Yong, but later we made a U-turn and followed Shan Yong's instruction and finally reached! =)
Ian's Condo..

Ian borrowed us his frisbee for us to play..
Nice place to swim, like nature..
Chin Soon took a picture of me.. =)
Everyone soon get tired..
Our group picture!
Take 2!
Aiya..wrong timing..
Playing around... XD
A nice photo =)
Anyway, this picture took after service, our bak kut teh outing..

After swimming, we guys went for hot sauna.. Hehee.. Good for blood circulation.. =) Alright then, till next time ^^

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