Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chapter 31~ ASIA CONFERENCE 2010!!

Tommorow I will be heading to Singapore for this gigantic,enormous event, ASIA CONFERENCE!! HAAHA!! I will be taking Aeroline bus to Singapore at 6pm.. Haizzz... Anyway, kinda excited to travel alone too!! XD Today shopping with Shan Yong in Pyramid, buying groceries and cheap clothes!! We bought cup mee and some food for Joy in Singapore, they missed Kampung Koh.. Sunway don't have... =.=''

Later for dinner, I recommended Shan Yong to eat in a mee restaurant, its nice, you can refilled once for free, the next one will charge RM2, last time, refilled doesn't charge you anything.. We chat quite a lot there.. Hahah!! Later went to Taipan to buy 4 Kampung Koh for those who study for SOT... Oh ya! Very unlucky today, some @#$%?! fela smash my CAR LEFT SIDE WINDOW!!!! TOOK MY BAG away, thank God he did not took my wallet.. Stupid fela.. Now my notes gone... T.T

Enough of that, hmmmmmm... Reached back home, pack my luggage.. Haha! Shan Yong asked me out again for briefing with Ian and the rest.. Discussing how to go there, what to do, what to bring.. So many things to plan for this trip.. If we can practice this kind of planning in our life, it will be so much better... Haizzz... Hopefully tommorow I can get the room as soon as I reached cuz they will be reaching later than me...

Anyway, just did my online test.. Gotta go soon.. Can't wait for Asia Conference!! Will be back on Monday 8.30am!! =)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chapter 30~ Pictures from Bukit Tinggi... =D

Pictures are here!! Just got it from Elaine Tan..

Shan Yong and I =) (me look like a father to Shan Yong, dats what he said )

3 guys in Bukit Tinggi...
In a fairy tale land..
Do you know what we are pointing? Bubbles..
Magical potion!!
Xp Became a wizard..
With Jeremy =D
Wishing well.. I wish..... ** secret **
Shan Yong and I XD
Posing.. XD
Macam a band..
We are in the castle.. =D
Its kinda cooling here,,,
I came back for 3 more wishes!!
Its a small world after all.. =)
Elaine and I =)
Kena caught playing with the balloon..
In rabbit park..
With cute rabbits..
Awwwwww... Finally tamed 1... =D
Come here... Come..Come..
Final destination.. Japanese Garden, its so high so steep.. Tiring you know?Our stepping stone
With Elaine after she dressed up..

Phew.. Called it a day man.. Was freaking tired.. Alright thats all for today.. Peace!! ( Elaine style )

Monday, May 10, 2010

Chapter 29~ Happy Mother's Day!! Overnight in Bukit Tinggi..

Happy belated Mother's Day!! Hahaa!! Yesterday was mother's day, wished my mum, in return she joked with me..LOL!! Anyway, on Saturday I went Bukit Tinggi with Shan Yong, Elaine, Phei Wen, Jeremy and Elaine's parents.. Shan Yong and I went for service, I was fetching Cleo and the Assuntarians, I lost the way again.. But just a short while la,kinda jam...Anyway, after the happy song, Shan Yong and I went outside to sit and watch the TV screen.. Later we went Elaine's house..

The parents were very nice to us.. Xp On the way in the high way, Elaine's parents forgotten to take the voucher for accomodation, they rushed back home and took it.. Elaine's dad was a fast driver,haha! Kinda scary.. Later we have dinner with Elaine's parents in KFC.. I realized hot and spicy chicken changed to black pepper! Quite nice also leh.. We were chatting about law with their parents.. Once we reached Bukit Tinggi, I can feel the air pressure..Took my time getting use to it..

Elaine's dad said the management there was bad, no sign, typical Malaysia.. Hahaha!! Cuz we lost our way there until we had to asked Auntie Grace, Elaine's cousin to come and helped us.. Elaine's 2 little cute cousin so adorable, haha! I wished I had a sister too.. The elder cousin aged 11 if I'm not mistaken and her english is fantastic.. Bukit Tinggi, the stars high above the sky was so beautiful, makes me thought of lucky star and SOMEONE..

Anyway, we went over to Elaine and Phei Wen's room for a chat.. Truth!! Revealing secrets.. Games like looking into the eyes of that girl ( Elaine and Phei Wen ) and sing a song, main objective is to keep an eye contact for at least 30 seconds.. Jeremy was so funny, kinda awkward to sing to his sister..Haha!! We also went to the balcony to enjoyed the night scenery. After that we went to our room to sleep.. Before we sleep, Shan Yong and I played football game..Haha! 5 games, the final round was awesome man.. 4-4, 2 extra time, finally penalty kick, I won miraculously.. During the game, I remembered Jeremy was laughing, Shan Yong and I were quite stoned.. He was dreaming.. =.=

Phei Wen went off at 8am, we took breakfast in a buffet restaurant.. Ate a lot wei..Haha! Photos session, then went back to the apartment to checkout, then to the rabbit farm and play with the rabbits.. Later to Japanese Garden and went back home.. Shan Yong bought green tea as a gift for his mum.. What a day man.. After this week, no more assignment, kinda difficult to compiled everything..Jia you!! =D

Monday, May 3, 2010

Chapter 28~ Another busy week..

Another busy week, assignments!! Haha!! 1 more to go.. Just finished my business statistic assignment, all 12 task completed.. Now left with MOB, waiting for my dad to finish the interview question..Anyway, these are the photos taken during last week cell group.. Just a few.. We need to take more pictures!! W-28 Jiayou!! XD

Wen Dee and Me... =)
Took during our supper in Train Station...

We went and farewell with the assuntarians, Siow Chin, Siang Lin and Smun Mun, triple S! Haha!! I called them the trios.. Cuz it's always the 3 of them.. They went back hometown for 2 days cuz of public holiday, Labour day.. Now they are back in hostel.. Xp

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chapter 27~ Iron man and Ip man 2 rox!!

Yesterday after service, me, Mike, Peter, Shan Yong and Jasrynn went to celebrate Jenson's birthday first then we went to The Curve, Cine Leisure to watch Iron Man 2.. We watched midnight movie.. 12.15am movie.. Walao.. We still have time before the movie starts.. Shan Yong introduced us to a restaurant, high class chocolate, chocolate fountain!! Yummy!! We ate with fruits..

LOL! Shan Yong loves to give all sorts of expression when he taste the chocolate fudge.. Delicious.. He stated is heaven for chocolate lovers!! When you place a whole mouthful of chocolate into your mouth, do not swallow instantly, hold your breathe, when you it enters your throat, you need to scent the smell and fragrance of that chocolate..

We played a funny game.. Since Jasrynn is the only girl among us.. Each one of us boys take turns to look straight into her eye, totally eye contact and for 30 seconds you must sing a love song to her without looking around.. Haha! Me and Shan Yong did it! However, Mike was the best among us!! Jasrynn stated she was very shy and might fall for him..

She said Mike was so charming..Hahah!! And so into it man.. Anyway, Peter also not bad wei.. He was so daring.. I think this runs in their family too.. Mike and Peter are the winners! LOL! Anyway, Iron Man 2 was awesome, new weapons, new villain, cool gadgets wei!! Scarlet Johnson!! She's hot! We were tired after that..

Today I watched Ip man 2 with my parents, Chinese kungfu just so amazing.. Inspiring movie.. Glad to be a chinese!! XD