Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chapter 27~ Iron man and Ip man 2 rox!!

Yesterday after service, me, Mike, Peter, Shan Yong and Jasrynn went to celebrate Jenson's birthday first then we went to The Curve, Cine Leisure to watch Iron Man 2.. We watched midnight movie.. 12.15am movie.. Walao.. We still have time before the movie starts.. Shan Yong introduced us to a restaurant, high class chocolate, chocolate fountain!! Yummy!! We ate with fruits..

LOL! Shan Yong loves to give all sorts of expression when he taste the chocolate fudge.. Delicious.. He stated is heaven for chocolate lovers!! When you place a whole mouthful of chocolate into your mouth, do not swallow instantly, hold your breathe, when you it enters your throat, you need to scent the smell and fragrance of that chocolate..

We played a funny game.. Since Jasrynn is the only girl among us.. Each one of us boys take turns to look straight into her eye, totally eye contact and for 30 seconds you must sing a love song to her without looking around.. Haha! Me and Shan Yong did it! However, Mike was the best among us!! Jasrynn stated she was very shy and might fall for him..

She said Mike was so charming..Hahah!! And so into it man.. Anyway, Peter also not bad wei.. He was so daring.. I think this runs in their family too.. Mike and Peter are the winners! LOL! Anyway, Iron Man 2 was awesome, new weapons, new villain, cool gadgets wei!! Scarlet Johnson!! She's hot! We were tired after that..

Today I watched Ip man 2 with my parents, Chinese kungfu just so amazing.. Inspiring movie.. Glad to be a chinese!! XD

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