Monday, May 3, 2010

Chapter 28~ Another busy week..

Another busy week, assignments!! Haha!! 1 more to go.. Just finished my business statistic assignment, all 12 task completed.. Now left with MOB, waiting for my dad to finish the interview question..Anyway, these are the photos taken during last week cell group.. Just a few.. We need to take more pictures!! W-28 Jiayou!! XD

Wen Dee and Me... =)
Took during our supper in Train Station...

We went and farewell with the assuntarians, Siow Chin, Siang Lin and Smun Mun, triple S! Haha!! I called them the trios.. Cuz it's always the 3 of them.. They went back hometown for 2 days cuz of public holiday, Labour day.. Now they are back in hostel.. Xp

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