Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chapter 30~ Pictures from Bukit Tinggi... =D

Pictures are here!! Just got it from Elaine Tan..

Shan Yong and I =) (me look like a father to Shan Yong, dats what he said )

3 guys in Bukit Tinggi...
In a fairy tale land..
Do you know what we are pointing? Bubbles..
Magical potion!!
Xp Became a wizard..
With Jeremy =D
Wishing well.. I wish..... ** secret **
Shan Yong and I XD
Posing.. XD
Macam a band..
We are in the castle.. =D
Its kinda cooling here,,,
I came back for 3 more wishes!!
Its a small world after all.. =)
Elaine and I =)
Kena caught playing with the balloon..
In rabbit park..
With cute rabbits..
Awwwwww... Finally tamed 1... =D
Come here... Come..Come..
Final destination.. Japanese Garden, its so high so steep.. Tiring you know?Our stepping stone
With Elaine after she dressed up..

Phew.. Called it a day man.. Was freaking tired.. Alright thats all for today.. Peace!! ( Elaine style )

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