Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chapter 31~ ASIA CONFERENCE 2010!!

Tommorow I will be heading to Singapore for this gigantic,enormous event, ASIA CONFERENCE!! HAAHA!! I will be taking Aeroline bus to Singapore at 6pm.. Haizzz... Anyway, kinda excited to travel alone too!! XD Today shopping with Shan Yong in Pyramid, buying groceries and cheap clothes!! We bought cup mee and some food for Joy in Singapore, they missed Kampung Koh.. Sunway don't have... =.=''

Later for dinner, I recommended Shan Yong to eat in a mee restaurant, its nice, you can refilled once for free, the next one will charge RM2, last time, refilled doesn't charge you anything.. We chat quite a lot there.. Hahah!! Later went to Taipan to buy 4 Kampung Koh for those who study for SOT... Oh ya! Very unlucky today, some @#$%?! fela smash my CAR LEFT SIDE WINDOW!!!! TOOK MY BAG away, thank God he did not took my wallet.. Stupid fela.. Now my notes gone... T.T

Enough of that, hmmmmmm... Reached back home, pack my luggage.. Haha! Shan Yong asked me out again for briefing with Ian and the rest.. Discussing how to go there, what to do, what to bring.. So many things to plan for this trip.. If we can practice this kind of planning in our life, it will be so much better... Haizzz... Hopefully tommorow I can get the room as soon as I reached cuz they will be reaching later than me...

Anyway, just did my online test.. Gotta go soon.. Can't wait for Asia Conference!! Will be back on Monday 8.30am!! =)

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