Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chapter 32~ Finals!! Arrgggggghhh!! Not really prepare!!

My Asia Conference fever is still on!! Many sleepless nights made me sick!! I think still haven't recover.. Sometimes my body felt uncomfortable.. Anyway, praying hard for Pastor Kong right now in Singapore.. Everything is gonna be alright.. Haizzz...My exam begins tommorow!! I didn't really prepare!! Furthermore, my bag was stolen, my notes all gone man!! Haizzz.. Cham lo like that!! Bad luck! Hmmmmmm... Serious lo, I'm praying for a miracle, trying all my best!!

Anyway, these are some of the pictures taken during Asia Conference through my phone.. A lot of camwhore, cuz dress so nice ma.. Next time will upload other pictures, learnt my lesson, to always bring my camera, otherwise have to ask people for pictures...

The mysterious mime.. Wondering how she would look like after she remove her makeup..

Thats all for today!! =)

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