Friday, June 11, 2010

Chapter 33~ Finals week!! XD

Walao, last few days, which is Monday and Wednesday, I sat for my finals paper, two papers for this week, and another two for next week Thursday and Friday. Really had a hard time studying without my notes..Haizzzz...Sien lo.. But my business statistic which is on Monday quite ok, so far can do everything, but for my economic principles!! Haizzz..Difficult leh, only a few easy question!

Its ok, at least I began my first paper well, first paper is quite important, it determines your morale, your confidence! Hahaha! Hopefully I can manage next week papers!! Anyway, this week cell group is special, combine cell group with W33, Samuel, Shey Vin and Alex! XD Today everyone was late, have to rush to prepare things, Wen Dee was unhappy, but she got the point, she is the boss! No matter how mad is she, I still respect her, cuz I know, its all for our own good!!

Spirit of excellence is essential in our area of life.. Bringing out the spirit of excellence, doing things with excellence!! After cell group, we went mamak store to eat, I think this is one of the longest table, a lot of members there, now everyone is talking about football!! Now is football season, the fever is on!!! Shan Yong, Shey Vin, Samuel, Wen Dee, not to mention Alex, they keep stating of me having a crush with SOMEONE.. Haizzz.. I don't even know that SOMEONE yet,hmmm.. Just wanna be friends with her... Oh ya! Forgot to mention that today cell group praise and worship is special!! Everyone is standing, we paste the lyrics on the wall... I kinda nervous standing and playing the guitar, I memorized the chords yesterday!

Zzzz.. Tired, thats all for now! Next post will upload some pictures from Asia Conference!! =)

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