Monday, June 14, 2010

Chapter 34~ 2 days outing until late night and Asia Conference pictures!! =D

Yesterday and Saturday, went out with my cell group members until so late night around 2am, chatting, yum cha, a lot of nonsense too!! We hang out in FBI on Saturday, ate some dessert, play some board games, chess... Hhehehehe.. Then, on Sunday, we went Puchong to eat Ah Xian Dim Sum for breakfast, and to I0I mall to eat again then watch movie, have a great view on the scenery... Anyway, will upload the pictures for the next post..

Here are the pictures from Asia Conference...

Me and Jasmine Ong =)

Our subzone outing picture!

Subzone lunch!

Grand Finale group picture...
Take 2!
Take 3!!
The four guys!! =)
Take 2!!
Balloons!! Balloons!!
LOL! FUNNY PICTURE.. Especially Ian..
Happy happy!! =D

Thats all for today.. Chiaozzzz...

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