Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chapter 36~ Holiday mood!! Woohoo!! =D

Yesterday had an awesome prayer meeting!! Anyway, this holiday watch 2 new movies d..She's Out Of My League and Legend Is Born: Ip Man... I seriously recommend you to watch She's Out Of My League!! Simply whacky and hilarous... Lol!! Its very creative, in the same time teaches us a valuable lesson... Hhaahahah!! Shan Yong gave me a revelation...

Anyway, here are the pictures taken few weeks ago... So long.. Outing with Shan Yong,Siew Mun, Siow Chin, SSSS... xD And Jonathan!

Me and Siow Chin...
Camwhore 1!!
My turn camwhore!! 2!!
Take 4!
Cheap leh this clothes in F.O.S!
World Greatest Dad.. Am I? lol!! We will see!!

Thats all for now... Chiaozzz!!

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