Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chapter 41~ Awesome Cartoon Network subzone outing and Mock Cg!!

Hallelujah!! Last week so many events happened!! First of all, college semester 2 begins!! Thursday I have subzone outing, theme of the party is Cartoon Network, I bought a new shirt, it has cartoons on it! Superheroes! Then have practice with Emily, Jessica,Janice and Samuel for Mock Cell Group just a day before the event... Later went all the way to Klang to fetch Angeline, Alex and one of their friends to Ian's place, Fraser Hill... Is kinda long journey, not to forget picking up Janice from her workplace at SS15.. We went to the Function Room early to rehearse, check the sound system, went to Ian's room to wash and prepare ourselves, Jian Ming and his friend cooked there.. Kinda busy running up and down preparing, but its fun!

This event was a blast!! Start off with games! Tracy and Shan Yong were our MC for the night.. Games is Tarzan,Jane and King Kong, is kinda funny, first we play scissors,paper,stone to decide the team, losers and winners.. The game is we ask our 7 representatives versus our 7 opponents, Jane overcome Tarzan, Tarzan overcome King Kong,King Kong overcome Jane.. In the end,losers team won!! I'm one of the losers team...

A lot of talent showcase,Jonathan Lim the guitarist played for Xin Yi as she sings "Kau Ilhamku", then Jonathan played and sang " Qing Fei De Yi " and " Ai Ru Cao Shui".. During his performance, we asked Clarissa to sit in front, so romantic..Hahah!! Then, little mei mei Serene also sing wei!! Her song is " The Climb" by Miley Cyrus... She sing very well, I think she can sing beautifully in the future...Then Richard danced!! Popping! Man you should see how he stomp the dance floor... After that free session!! Jet Cheah and Xin Yi sang "2 is better than 1" by Boys Like Girls.. Surprisingly, Jia Ming danced!! Walao! I'm amazed, cuz she dance korean song, " Lupin " by Kara and SNSD songs!!

After that is Lucky Draw...3 prizes I can remember the most, 1st one is " One free guitar lesson from Jonathan Lim ", 2nd is " One free cooking lesson from Jian Ming ", 3rd is " One free bible study from Wen Dee ", Ryan Chong got the 3rd prize! HAHA! Anyway, the final event, I played the song " Let's just fall in love again " by Jason Castro,Shan Yong sang that night... I thought I didn't play well, but Shan Yong,Chin Soon and Richard complimented about my skill, I'm encouraged and motivated...Finally we sang the song " Thats what friends are for " then cleaned up the place, running up and down again, cleaning the utensils... What a night...

About the mock cell group, we came early, we expected to start at 9pm, but we start earlier at 8pm...Hahaha!! The first session was kinda funny, cuz Chun Hean and Samuel was asked to purposely clap out of beat and didn't silent their phone just to test what we will react..The second session was better.. I was commented by Felix that sometimes I tend not to follow the worship leader,but good thing was the presence of God was strong and the worship covers everything..Because of that,the preaching of the Word can be great...Wow...Hahaha!! Hallelujah! Praise God wei!

Jonathan singing to his beloved Clarissa!! XD
Richard and Xin Yi! Richard the dancer, rock the dance floor!!Xin Yi the future celebrity..Serene singing " The Climb ", Xin Yi accompaning this cute sister...
Me and Xin Yi jamming session.. XD
Playing games... =)

Alright, thats all for now... Tommorow have class.. Thats all for now.. Chiaozzzz.. =)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chapter 40~ A New Semester! More challenges ahead! Busy week! =)

This coming Friday, CLT is gonna have mock cell group, everybody will have the chance to perform their task! And the leaders will evaluate us.. Exciting yet nervous.. Its kinda scary when you came in unprepared.. Last week Friday, 26 of us divided into 2 groups which consist 13 of us.. Then divided into Category 1 and 2.. Then we draw lots for our assignment.. Initially I was chosen for Group B guitarist, yet I was assigned for worship leading, so stress.. However, Wen Dee decided to exchange me and Emily the assignment, so I will be leading warmth instead...

Walao.. Really praying for God to make this mock cell group the best!! Amen!! Hahahaha!! Not to forget to sms my fellow mates about the mock cell group,making sure things go on smooth.. Anyway last Friday I went to Sunway College to registered for my semester 2 class tutorials.. So many people, the queue was long man.. How I wish I can divide myself into 4 person, because all 4 subjects registration booth was long man, if I registered this, other classes tutorial slots will become lesser.. Finally,Monday was my longest hour of class, good thing that other days was quite relaxing..Joy did the same thing as well last time... XD

First week of lecture was quite easy, didn't manage to meet Julian and Lydia.. Both of them are looking for second hand book.. When I first bought business law by Stephen Graw,it cost RM190, now people offer me RM90.. I'm not gonna do it man, its a loss..I offered RM130... Giving them time to consider..Hahaha! My parents went to China last Friday and arrived back home today...

I watched the film called " The Inception " . At first I didn't know what on earth was that suppose to mean, Ian used his BB to check, it says every event has a beginning,something like that, from the trailer we thought is a disaster movie like 2012. However, its gotta do with some human's mind, the dream with levels, our dream deals faster in time compared to our present world...As you reach another level of dream, which is : real world>>>>dream>>>>dream.. First level,1 day in a dream is like 5 minutes in the real world, second level of dream is like a week,but in the real world is still 5 minutes, if you go deeper which is the 3rd level, 10 years in a dream is like 5 minutes in the real world.. Just imagine, as you go deeper, is like eternity! Imagine you spent your whole life in a dream until you passed away than you woke up!! I mean its like you reborn again, you became a different person! Cool man!!

Anyway, will update next time..Chiaozzzz!! XD

Monday, July 12, 2010

Chapter 39~ Spain Champion for World Cup 2010!!

Walao!! Yesterday match was quite tiring.. What a long match!! 1 hour and 30 minutes... Spain goal during 2nd extra time!! The last minute! Yesterday quite many people support Netherlands, but in the end, disappointed.. Haizzzz.. When Spain goal, we were all shouting, jumping around in church! LOL! When I reached home, is around 5am.. I realized I enjoyed last week, so much happening events happen! Its really fruitful.. Anyway,let the pictures speaks for itself... XD

We attended Dr. Ar Bernard service first day on Tuesday!! Awesome service.. Cosmology and world view, he is a great philosopher!! This picture taken in Bean's at ss15..

Taken after service,me,Cleo, and Sean... =)
Smile =) My kai jie.. She said I look different with and without spectacles... Hmmmm...

Second day for Dr Ar Bernard Service.. This time super formal wei.. Feel proud to wear my dad's suit!! LOL! Because Shan Yong and I were formal, we decided to take picture as if we are business partners..LOL!!

Take 1!
Take 2!
During yum cha session.. Me and Kai Qin were cracking jokes with Eunice, Ashley,Janice,Clarissa,Brandon.. Haaha! Secret~Oh this picture were taken on Thursday!! After watching Twilight Eclipse!! Hmmmm.. Something is different,can spot why?Take 2!!

Not to forget about Friday!! LOL! Wen Dee asked me to fetch Amy from Subang KTM to CLT! Haizzz... A lot of problem leh, traffic jam, furthermore is very difficult to contact with Amy cuz her phone spoilt d.. I reached there at 8pm, was hoping for her to call me cuz I wasn't sure where is she waiting,finally she called and I found her d! We were late, so afraid to enter the class, at last we did! Hahaha!! I told Abel after the class what happen exactly, he said sometimes things just happen.. Oh ya! Amy didn't really believe I'm 19 years old this year wei!! She kept asking and reassuring just to comfirm... Haizzz...Yalo..I'm growing older d.. Miss the old days!! But praise God I reached on time to fetch Amy from Wen Dee's place to CLT. This time we are early!!

Anyway, I watch with Ian, Shan Yong,Smun,Siang Lin,Siow Chin,Jasmine,Kai Qin Despicable Me on Saturday!! Its a nice movie,funny, burst into laughter non-stop! Seriously, you guys should watch!! Practically for those who is under distress... XD Ok la..Thats all for now! Chiaozzz...!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chapter 38~ Spain conquered Paraguay and Germany!! Octopus prediction rocks!! XD

YAY!! Finally Spain avenge for Argentina... Mostly Barcelona players, Messi is supporting them too!! Hehehehe.. I love players for Spain! Ramos,Xavi, David Villa, Alonso...Fernando Torres performed quite well yesterday..Hahaha! Most of my friends support Germany, in the end... Oracle of Octopus!! Its prediction so true man! Spain will dominate World Cup 2010!! Hahaha!! YAY!!! Anyway, these are the photos taken from last week...

We ate at Robot Sushi in Pyramid..
Taken together with one of the waitress there, she's very friendly...
Took after dinner...

This photo taken place after Argentina match with Germany, we were playing in Rack Cafe while waiting for the next match, Spain vs Paraguay...
Today I'm gonna watch with my group of friends, Twilight Eclipse... =)

Jacob rocks in Twilight New Moon...Great body man... 0.0

Anyway, will update soon... Chiaozzzz...!! SPAIN RULEZ!! Xp

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Chapter 37~ Arrrrgghhh!! Argentina knock out!! =(

No!!! Yesterday match Argentina vs Germany, Germany owned them!! 3-0... What's wrong with you Messi!! Arrrgghhh!! We joined Ian cell group and other members, like Tissy and her family.. At first we decided to watch in Asia Cafe, but then full d.. Then we watch in F.B.I dessert restaurant.. Played games and watch in the same time.. Most of them supported Germany, only me, Ian and Shan Yong supported Argentina..

Very disappointed.. However, after the match, some of us decided to stay back and watch Spain vs Paraguay.. Now I can only support Spain, but not as passionate as before.. After Argentina vs Germany match, around 12am... We played pool in Rack Cafe, while waiting for 2.30am match.. LOL! We aso play futsball.. The football game play machine.. Later we went to Rock Cafe nearby church to watch Spain vs Paraguay..

It was a long match 0-0 until 65-70 minutes, Spain goal!! Spain won!! 1-0!! Anyway, a lot of dramatic scenes, this match is aggressive wei!! Penalty kick for both sides back to back.. I support David Villa!! Alonso!! Ermmmm...Fernando Torres didn't perform well.. Sad case..

Oh! I had supper with Yee Sing on Friday from 10am till 12am, we ate at Bidara with my cell group members, so happy chatting with her, its really a blessing, got souvenir somemore.. A lot of things to talk about, that time Brazil lost to Netherlands 2-1!! Unexpected!!Haizzzzz.. We took some photos there.. XDDear bestie! =)

I also have good news!! I'm in cell group leaders training Batch 16!! Hahahaha!! Suppose to join it long time ago.. Since 2006... Haizzzz.. That time I was in high school, not really convenient.. Anyway, I enjoyed the lesson, so far so good, the members there are nice to me too.. =)