Sunday, July 4, 2010

Chapter 37~ Arrrrgghhh!! Argentina knock out!! =(

No!!! Yesterday match Argentina vs Germany, Germany owned them!! 3-0... What's wrong with you Messi!! Arrrgghhh!! We joined Ian cell group and other members, like Tissy and her family.. At first we decided to watch in Asia Cafe, but then full d.. Then we watch in F.B.I dessert restaurant.. Played games and watch in the same time.. Most of them supported Germany, only me, Ian and Shan Yong supported Argentina..

Very disappointed.. However, after the match, some of us decided to stay back and watch Spain vs Paraguay.. Now I can only support Spain, but not as passionate as before.. After Argentina vs Germany match, around 12am... We played pool in Rack Cafe, while waiting for 2.30am match.. LOL! We aso play futsball.. The football game play machine.. Later we went to Rock Cafe nearby church to watch Spain vs Paraguay..

It was a long match 0-0 until 65-70 minutes, Spain goal!! Spain won!! 1-0!! Anyway, a lot of dramatic scenes, this match is aggressive wei!! Penalty kick for both sides back to back.. I support David Villa!! Alonso!! Ermmmm...Fernando Torres didn't perform well.. Sad case..

Oh! I had supper with Yee Sing on Friday from 10am till 12am, we ate at Bidara with my cell group members, so happy chatting with her, its really a blessing, got souvenir somemore.. A lot of things to talk about, that time Brazil lost to Netherlands 2-1!! Unexpected!!Haizzzzz.. We took some photos there.. XDDear bestie! =)

I also have good news!! I'm in cell group leaders training Batch 16!! Hahahaha!! Suppose to join it long time ago.. Since 2006... Haizzzz.. That time I was in high school, not really convenient.. Anyway, I enjoyed the lesson, so far so good, the members there are nice to me too.. =)

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