Monday, July 12, 2010

Chapter 39~ Spain Champion for World Cup 2010!!

Walao!! Yesterday match was quite tiring.. What a long match!! 1 hour and 30 minutes... Spain goal during 2nd extra time!! The last minute! Yesterday quite many people support Netherlands, but in the end, disappointed.. Haizzzz.. When Spain goal, we were all shouting, jumping around in church! LOL! When I reached home, is around 5am.. I realized I enjoyed last week, so much happening events happen! Its really fruitful.. Anyway,let the pictures speaks for itself... XD

We attended Dr. Ar Bernard service first day on Tuesday!! Awesome service.. Cosmology and world view, he is a great philosopher!! This picture taken in Bean's at ss15..

Taken after service,me,Cleo, and Sean... =)
Smile =) My kai jie.. She said I look different with and without spectacles... Hmmmm...

Second day for Dr Ar Bernard Service.. This time super formal wei.. Feel proud to wear my dad's suit!! LOL! Because Shan Yong and I were formal, we decided to take picture as if we are business partners..LOL!!

Take 1!
Take 2!
During yum cha session.. Me and Kai Qin were cracking jokes with Eunice, Ashley,Janice,Clarissa,Brandon.. Haaha! Secret~Oh this picture were taken on Thursday!! After watching Twilight Eclipse!! Hmmmm.. Something is different,can spot why?Take 2!!

Not to forget about Friday!! LOL! Wen Dee asked me to fetch Amy from Subang KTM to CLT! Haizzz... A lot of problem leh, traffic jam, furthermore is very difficult to contact with Amy cuz her phone spoilt d.. I reached there at 8pm, was hoping for her to call me cuz I wasn't sure where is she waiting,finally she called and I found her d! We were late, so afraid to enter the class, at last we did! Hahaha!! I told Abel after the class what happen exactly, he said sometimes things just happen.. Oh ya! Amy didn't really believe I'm 19 years old this year wei!! She kept asking and reassuring just to comfirm... Haizzz...Yalo..I'm growing older d.. Miss the old days!! But praise God I reached on time to fetch Amy from Wen Dee's place to CLT. This time we are early!!

Anyway, I watch with Ian, Shan Yong,Smun,Siang Lin,Siow Chin,Jasmine,Kai Qin Despicable Me on Saturday!! Its a nice movie,funny, burst into laughter non-stop! Seriously, you guys should watch!! Practically for those who is under distress... XD Ok la..Thats all for now! Chiaozzz...!!

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