Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chapter 40~ A New Semester! More challenges ahead! Busy week! =)

This coming Friday, CLT is gonna have mock cell group, everybody will have the chance to perform their task! And the leaders will evaluate us.. Exciting yet nervous.. Its kinda scary when you came in unprepared.. Last week Friday, 26 of us divided into 2 groups which consist 13 of us.. Then divided into Category 1 and 2.. Then we draw lots for our assignment.. Initially I was chosen for Group B guitarist, yet I was assigned for worship leading, so stress.. However, Wen Dee decided to exchange me and Emily the assignment, so I will be leading warmth instead...

Walao.. Really praying for God to make this mock cell group the best!! Amen!! Hahahaha!! Not to forget to sms my fellow mates about the mock cell group,making sure things go on smooth.. Anyway last Friday I went to Sunway College to registered for my semester 2 class tutorials.. So many people, the queue was long man.. How I wish I can divide myself into 4 person, because all 4 subjects registration booth was long man, if I registered this, other classes tutorial slots will become lesser.. Finally,Monday was my longest hour of class, good thing that other days was quite relaxing..Joy did the same thing as well last time... XD

First week of lecture was quite easy, didn't manage to meet Julian and Lydia.. Both of them are looking for second hand book.. When I first bought business law by Stephen Graw,it cost RM190, now people offer me RM90.. I'm not gonna do it man, its a loss..I offered RM130... Giving them time to consider..Hahaha! My parents went to China last Friday and arrived back home today...

I watched the film called " The Inception " . At first I didn't know what on earth was that suppose to mean, Ian used his BB to check, it says every event has a beginning,something like that, from the trailer we thought is a disaster movie like 2012. However, its gotta do with some human's mind, the dream with levels, our dream deals faster in time compared to our present world...As you reach another level of dream, which is : real world>>>>dream>>>>dream.. First level,1 day in a dream is like 5 minutes in the real world, second level of dream is like a week,but in the real world is still 5 minutes, if you go deeper which is the 3rd level, 10 years in a dream is like 5 minutes in the real world.. Just imagine, as you go deeper, is like eternity! Imagine you spent your whole life in a dream until you passed away than you woke up!! I mean its like you reborn again, you became a different person! Cool man!!

Anyway, will update next time..Chiaozzzz!! XD

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