Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chapter 41~ Awesome Cartoon Network subzone outing and Mock Cg!!

Hallelujah!! Last week so many events happened!! First of all, college semester 2 begins!! Thursday I have subzone outing, theme of the party is Cartoon Network, I bought a new shirt, it has cartoons on it! Superheroes! Then have practice with Emily, Jessica,Janice and Samuel for Mock Cell Group just a day before the event... Later went all the way to Klang to fetch Angeline, Alex and one of their friends to Ian's place, Fraser Hill... Is kinda long journey, not to forget picking up Janice from her workplace at SS15.. We went to the Function Room early to rehearse, check the sound system, went to Ian's room to wash and prepare ourselves, Jian Ming and his friend cooked there.. Kinda busy running up and down preparing, but its fun!

This event was a blast!! Start off with games! Tracy and Shan Yong were our MC for the night.. Games is Tarzan,Jane and King Kong, is kinda funny, first we play scissors,paper,stone to decide the team, losers and winners.. The game is we ask our 7 representatives versus our 7 opponents, Jane overcome Tarzan, Tarzan overcome King Kong,King Kong overcome Jane.. In the end,losers team won!! I'm one of the losers team...

A lot of talent showcase,Jonathan Lim the guitarist played for Xin Yi as she sings "Kau Ilhamku", then Jonathan played and sang " Qing Fei De Yi " and " Ai Ru Cao Shui".. During his performance, we asked Clarissa to sit in front, so romantic..Hahah!! Then, little mei mei Serene also sing wei!! Her song is " The Climb" by Miley Cyrus... She sing very well, I think she can sing beautifully in the future...Then Richard danced!! Popping! Man you should see how he stomp the dance floor... After that free session!! Jet Cheah and Xin Yi sang "2 is better than 1" by Boys Like Girls.. Surprisingly, Jia Ming danced!! Walao! I'm amazed, cuz she dance korean song, " Lupin " by Kara and SNSD songs!!

After that is Lucky Draw...3 prizes I can remember the most, 1st one is " One free guitar lesson from Jonathan Lim ", 2nd is " One free cooking lesson from Jian Ming ", 3rd is " One free bible study from Wen Dee ", Ryan Chong got the 3rd prize! HAHA! Anyway, the final event, I played the song " Let's just fall in love again " by Jason Castro,Shan Yong sang that night... I thought I didn't play well, but Shan Yong,Chin Soon and Richard complimented about my skill, I'm encouraged and motivated...Finally we sang the song " Thats what friends are for " then cleaned up the place, running up and down again, cleaning the utensils... What a night...

About the mock cell group, we came early, we expected to start at 9pm, but we start earlier at 8pm...Hahaha!! The first session was kinda funny, cuz Chun Hean and Samuel was asked to purposely clap out of beat and didn't silent their phone just to test what we will react..The second session was better.. I was commented by Felix that sometimes I tend not to follow the worship leader,but good thing was the presence of God was strong and the worship covers everything..Because of that,the preaching of the Word can be great...Wow...Hahaha!! Hallelujah! Praise God wei!

Jonathan singing to his beloved Clarissa!! XD
Richard and Xin Yi! Richard the dancer, rock the dance floor!!Xin Yi the future celebrity..Serene singing " The Climb ", Xin Yi accompaning this cute sister...
Me and Xin Yi jamming session.. XD
Playing games... =)

Alright, thats all for now... Tommorow have class.. Thats all for now.. Chiaozzzz.. =)

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