Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chapter 46~Toni&Guy graduation and modeling photos part 1~ Happy Merdeka Day!!

Happy Merdeka Day!! Hahaha! This morning went photoshooting with Elaine's Cell Group in USJ 16! My park just nearby my house... Hehe... We had quite a lot of fun there.. Doing lame pose la..Bla bla bla.. Learned a few camera shooting skills from Elaine! Then,later we went to Pizza in Taipan for lunch.. And finally, to USJ 14 cyber cafe with Jeremy,Richard and Chin Soon.. Came back home, slept from 5 to 8pm.. Woke up, eat, online..Walao..Wasted my time wei...

Anyway, Toni&Guy graduation photos part 1!

Went early there for preparation..Make up and styling...My make-up artist, Joanne.. =)Make up on face and body.. xDCleo and I..Take 2..


Cleo edit this for me..Thanks Cleo..
Again.. lol!Modeling pose.. keke..Our group 4 model..Shibi!! Jade!!We guys.......Act cute.. =.=''

Thats all for today..Wait for part 2! =) Tired..

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chapter 45~ Hari Raya, Puasa month! 1 week holiday! =)

Yay! Finally submitted my assignment for ITM! Was having trouble finishing the folio. At last submitted on Monday, but my tutor love to break people's mood, comment and correct our assignment in front of everyone, which really giving feeling of hopeless. Its too late d, we've already submitted and its the dateline.Also having trouble in PD1 workshop, cuz we did everything last minute, no time to design. Haizzz.. Just miscommunication..

This week cell group, Sheyvin preached!! Haha! Its about victory... As I lead Praise and Worship today, I feel kinda stress lo.. Practice and conducting presently is totally different.. Haizzz.. Will do better next time! Yesterday, Shan Yong had a car breakdown, Jonathan lost his keys, I was wandering why suddenly so many troubles happening at this moment.. But Praise God! Shan Yong's car resurrected! Jonathan found back his keys, I fetched them to restaurant near Sunway! Cham! Forgotten the name! Anyway, later fetched them to midnight prayer meeting...

Oh ya! Yesterday morning, went for orphanage trip! Fetched Cleo and Shan Yong there.. Later have to go back again, cuz Cleo forgotten to bring the money.. We played games with the kids, they love to make sword paper,all the weapons.. Well, they are boys,living in their fantasy world.. We helped the caretaker to transfer the furniture, the distance is quite long, and its heavy.. Phew! Sweat a lot wei!! Anyway, feel happy to bless those kids! Photos will upload soon!

Will also upload Toni&Guy graduation and fashion show pictures too... Cuz haven't finish collecting.. =)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Chapter 44~ Woohoo!! Awesome week! =)

Last week was a blast!! Great week! All Praise and Thanks to God..Went to KL Pavillion with Kai Qin,Jun Yang and Michael on Wednesday..Quite a long day there...Kath spent quite a while deciding what kind of hairstyle to cut for me.. Then after lunch in Macdonald,we went Time Square to meet the make up artist to try make up on us.. Michael and Jun Yang are the first ones to try.. For an hour and more! Because of time constraint, we left early... And I dye my hair on Saturday morning.. Anyway, did my CLT test 1 and 2 on Friday and Saturday! First test was kinda difficult for me..

As for the second one is much easier! I learnt this song to memorize 9 fruits of the holy spirit, Love,Joy,Peace,Long Suffering,Kindness,Goodness,Gentleness,Faithfulness,Self-Control..Chun Hean and Phoebe taught us...I left the second test early in the morning to Pavillion with parents and dye my hair..Kath was having a hard time designing her planet..LOL! Cuz its due tommorow! Show is just 1 day before..Anyway,help her settle the 150 food supply.. RM4 for each chicken rice..Thanks to my beloved mummy! =)

This was taken after dying my front hair red... =)
Jasrynn and I..=)

Then later Amy,Xin Yi,Jasrynn,Richard,Indri forced me and Jeremy to act cool! Took some pictures..Ermmm..Gay pictures! With Jeremy!

So gay man...
Oh no..
Force to be closer...
ERRR...OMG... xD

Haizzzz...Still have my assignment to worry of!! Its due next week Monday..Will update my blog soon! Next chapter Toni&Guy showcase!! =)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chapter 43~ Oh Happy Day! Happy Week!! =D

LOL! Happy happy!! First of all!! I " gao tim " my preaching test last Saturday test.. Kinda nervous!! Received good comments of my good eye contact,facial expression, gestures and movements, able to scan through the room, most importantly is SINCERITY!! Ian also told me he can feel what my heart is bringing out... Hahaha!! Nervous! But finally breakthrough it!! Anyway,before the day of preaching which is Saturday! Alex birthday!! Haha!

Happy birthday Alex!! One of my room mates with Shan Yong... =)

Then I took with the Assuntarians! Missed them a lot! So long didn't attend my cell group... But I did attend Amy's cell group last Thursday.. Reminds me of high school wei when I saw the way the members play.. They have photo sessions somemore! Culture different in terms of offering! After collecting, they place the offering bucket in front and pray! OH YA!! SHEYVIN CHIA PREACHED!! LOL! She's great la,knew she's a great speaker,cannot sense nervous in her.. And she can bring humor too... =)

Then a group picture! Happy birthday Alex!! XD

This picture was taken during my preaching test, by my lovely brother, Ian How! ^^

That's it for today! Tommorow I'm going KL with Kai Qin, Michael to try on some clothes and cut hair for the showcase, we are representatives for Kath Newman! ALL THE BEST in her exam!! =) OH! And gambatte in my CLT test this coming Friday and Saturday!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chapter 42~ Honey Moon is gonna be over!

Just watched Sorcerer's Apprentice with my sister... Starring Nicolas Cage and Jay Barucel.. Is freaking cool..Imagining a world with magic.. Ok la.. This movie is about creativity.. Reminds me of Doraemon, Dragonball, Star Wars.. Hahaha!! Anyway, last week was a busy week.. I attended a seminar on Thursday and Friday, straight for 4 hours with Pipers! Sat till my butt hurts.. Stretched!! But I missed deliverance on Saturday..Haizzz...

On Saturday I was hype! As we sang Lord You Are Good... Haha! And David preached on the topic, " Don't Worry", one thing I remembered what he quoted " Never stop trusting The Lord even when sometimes life doesn't make sense ". After church, I had dinner with W-11 and W-10 in USJ 8, so fun chatting with them.. Always the warm feeling..

Elaine and Xin Yi, my 2 cute little sisters... Sayang them a lot.. The way they call me Kor Kor, like little kids..Haizzz.. This is life, I never had little sister, cuz I'm the youngest in the family..Been busy on weekdays, cuz have CLT.. Heng preached on the Holy Spirit on Saturday, now I know why Shan Yong and Shey Vin said he was good...

Sunday is Counselling with Desmond and Brynda, then lessons with Felix and Keith... This week Friday is final lesson then Saturday and Sunday, preaching test!! Following week Friday and Saturday would be Test 1 and 2..

Oh, today! I had fun during Professional and Development 1 workshop class.. Every Monday, 3 hours..Discussing and participate in class...

Anyway, photos taken for the day.. XD

Anyway, chiaozzz.. Will update soon.. =)