Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chapter 42~ Honey Moon is gonna be over!

Just watched Sorcerer's Apprentice with my sister... Starring Nicolas Cage and Jay Barucel.. Is freaking cool..Imagining a world with magic.. Ok la.. This movie is about creativity.. Reminds me of Doraemon, Dragonball, Star Wars.. Hahaha!! Anyway, last week was a busy week.. I attended a seminar on Thursday and Friday, straight for 4 hours with Pipers! Sat till my butt hurts.. Stretched!! But I missed deliverance on Saturday..Haizzz...

On Saturday I was hype! As we sang Lord You Are Good... Haha! And David preached on the topic, " Don't Worry", one thing I remembered what he quoted " Never stop trusting The Lord even when sometimes life doesn't make sense ". After church, I had dinner with W-11 and W-10 in USJ 8, so fun chatting with them.. Always the warm feeling..

Elaine and Xin Yi, my 2 cute little sisters... Sayang them a lot.. The way they call me Kor Kor, like little kids..Haizzz.. This is life, I never had little sister, cuz I'm the youngest in the family..Been busy on weekdays, cuz have CLT.. Heng preached on the Holy Spirit on Saturday, now I know why Shan Yong and Shey Vin said he was good...

Sunday is Counselling with Desmond and Brynda, then lessons with Felix and Keith... This week Friday is final lesson then Saturday and Sunday, preaching test!! Following week Friday and Saturday would be Test 1 and 2..

Oh, today! I had fun during Professional and Development 1 workshop class.. Every Monday, 3 hours..Discussing and participate in class...

Anyway, photos taken for the day.. XD

Anyway, chiaozzz.. Will update soon.. =)

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