Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chapter 43~ Oh Happy Day! Happy Week!! =D

LOL! Happy happy!! First of all!! I " gao tim " my preaching test last Saturday test.. Kinda nervous!! Received good comments of my good eye contact,facial expression, gestures and movements, able to scan through the room, most importantly is SINCERITY!! Ian also told me he can feel what my heart is bringing out... Hahaha!! Nervous! But finally breakthrough it!! Anyway,before the day of preaching which is Saturday! Alex birthday!! Haha!

Happy birthday Alex!! One of my room mates with Shan Yong... =)

Then I took with the Assuntarians! Missed them a lot! So long didn't attend my cell group... But I did attend Amy's cell group last Thursday.. Reminds me of high school wei when I saw the way the members play.. They have photo sessions somemore! Culture different in terms of offering! After collecting, they place the offering bucket in front and pray! OH YA!! SHEYVIN CHIA PREACHED!! LOL! She's great la,knew she's a great speaker,cannot sense nervous in her.. And she can bring humor too... =)

Then a group picture! Happy birthday Alex!! XD

This picture was taken during my preaching test, by my lovely brother, Ian How! ^^

That's it for today! Tommorow I'm going KL with Kai Qin, Michael to try on some clothes and cut hair for the showcase, we are representatives for Kath Newman! ALL THE BEST in her exam!! =) OH! And gambatte in my CLT test this coming Friday and Saturday!!

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