Monday, August 16, 2010

Chapter 44~ Woohoo!! Awesome week! =)

Last week was a blast!! Great week! All Praise and Thanks to God..Went to KL Pavillion with Kai Qin,Jun Yang and Michael on Wednesday..Quite a long day there...Kath spent quite a while deciding what kind of hairstyle to cut for me.. Then after lunch in Macdonald,we went Time Square to meet the make up artist to try make up on us.. Michael and Jun Yang are the first ones to try.. For an hour and more! Because of time constraint, we left early... And I dye my hair on Saturday morning.. Anyway, did my CLT test 1 and 2 on Friday and Saturday! First test was kinda difficult for me..

As for the second one is much easier! I learnt this song to memorize 9 fruits of the holy spirit, Love,Joy,Peace,Long Suffering,Kindness,Goodness,Gentleness,Faithfulness,Self-Control..Chun Hean and Phoebe taught us...I left the second test early in the morning to Pavillion with parents and dye my hair..Kath was having a hard time designing her planet..LOL! Cuz its due tommorow! Show is just 1 day before..Anyway,help her settle the 150 food supply.. RM4 for each chicken rice..Thanks to my beloved mummy! =)

This was taken after dying my front hair red... =)
Jasrynn and I..=)

Then later Amy,Xin Yi,Jasrynn,Richard,Indri forced me and Jeremy to act cool! Took some pictures..Ermmm..Gay pictures! With Jeremy!

So gay man...
Oh no..
Force to be closer...
ERRR...OMG... xD

Haizzzz...Still have my assignment to worry of!! Its due next week Monday..Will update my blog soon! Next chapter Toni&Guy showcase!! =)

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