Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chapter 45~ Hari Raya, Puasa month! 1 week holiday! =)

Yay! Finally submitted my assignment for ITM! Was having trouble finishing the folio. At last submitted on Monday, but my tutor love to break people's mood, comment and correct our assignment in front of everyone, which really giving feeling of hopeless. Its too late d, we've already submitted and its the dateline.Also having trouble in PD1 workshop, cuz we did everything last minute, no time to design. Haizzz.. Just miscommunication..

This week cell group, Sheyvin preached!! Haha! Its about victory... As I lead Praise and Worship today, I feel kinda stress lo.. Practice and conducting presently is totally different.. Haizzz.. Will do better next time! Yesterday, Shan Yong had a car breakdown, Jonathan lost his keys, I was wandering why suddenly so many troubles happening at this moment.. But Praise God! Shan Yong's car resurrected! Jonathan found back his keys, I fetched them to restaurant near Sunway! Cham! Forgotten the name! Anyway, later fetched them to midnight prayer meeting...

Oh ya! Yesterday morning, went for orphanage trip! Fetched Cleo and Shan Yong there.. Later have to go back again, cuz Cleo forgotten to bring the money.. We played games with the kids, they love to make sword paper,all the weapons.. Well, they are boys,living in their fantasy world.. We helped the caretaker to transfer the furniture, the distance is quite long, and its heavy.. Phew! Sweat a lot wei!! Anyway, feel happy to bless those kids! Photos will upload soon!

Will also upload Toni&Guy graduation and fashion show pictures too... Cuz haven't finish collecting.. =)

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