Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chapter 46~Toni&Guy graduation and modeling photos part 1~ Happy Merdeka Day!!

Happy Merdeka Day!! Hahaha! This morning went photoshooting with Elaine's Cell Group in USJ 16! My park just nearby my house... Hehe... We had quite a lot of fun there.. Doing lame pose la..Bla bla bla.. Learned a few camera shooting skills from Elaine! Then,later we went to Pizza in Taipan for lunch.. And finally, to USJ 14 cyber cafe with Jeremy,Richard and Chin Soon.. Came back home, slept from 5 to 8pm.. Woke up, eat, online..Walao..Wasted my time wei...

Anyway, Toni&Guy graduation photos part 1!

Went early there for preparation..Make up and styling...My make-up artist, Joanne.. =)Make up on face and body.. xDCleo and I..Take 2..


Cleo edit this for me..Thanks Cleo..
Again.. lol!Modeling pose.. keke..Our group 4 model..Shibi!! Jade!!We guys.......Act cute.. =.=''

Thats all for today..Wait for part 2! =) Tired..

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