Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chapter 47~ So many upcoming events!! =D Ethan's Birthday 22nd Birthday!! =D

Walao, this September despite of all the assignments... So many events.. Anyway, my 1 week mid semester break just over.. Haizzz..Now government colleges and school is having 2 weeks holidays.. Last Wednesday, Elaine cell group organized photo shooting.. I'm happy to be invited and join them.. Then, we ate pizza... Also helping Elaine and Xin Yi to join True Fitness..

This is for fun! =D

Next is Ethan's Birthday!! Let the picture speak for itself!!

We were having fun in Strawberry Field..

Conducting our plan secretly..Shhhhh..!! =D
When we sent him off to his car.....
Oh my!! What a transformation!! Ethan:'' What you guys did to my car ?!"
Ethan " Aiya! Kena sabo! "
Wishing with a blind folded cloth..
Bring him somewhere... Hehehehe...
You are under arrest!
What are we gonna do with him!
Let's ask some question..!
Wrong answer!! Ian is enjoying it! =D
Not to forget bout Joy!
And Xin Yi!
Me too!
Chia Jie is having fun..
Laughing on our own.. LOL! XD
Macho pose...
Group picture! =D
Happy birthday Shan Yong!
We love you! =D

Shan Yong went back to my place and took a shower...Hehee...He had presentation on the following day.. I think thats all for now.. Next pose would be CLT graduation and Toni&Guy graduation part 2! Chiaozzz... =)

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