Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chapter 48~ Just Cut and Colour my hair!! xD

Yay!! Today just cut and dye my hair!! Woohoo!! I tell you its been so long since I dye my hair.. I dyed my hair twice in my life previously.. During my form 3 and form 4 year, which I'm 15 and 16 years old.. Hehehe.. Tommorow Friday is a holiday!! Weeee!! Tonight going to I-City with my cell group members.. Will upload the pictures as soon as possible for my next post! This week PD1, kinda fun, we spent 1 and a half hour preparing our presentation, problem solving which is Lickitty cakes... =D

Anyway, this are the photos of me recently after CC (Cut and Colour)... =)

This are some past photos of me during my form 3 and 4 year..

I bleached and dye my hair during form 3..This photo was taken during high school camp.. =D
This was taken by Joy! During my form 4 year..Hehe.. =D

That's all for today.. Will update my next post! Chiaozzz.. =)

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