Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chapter 50~ This is just the beginning..Waiting for opportunity..

Last Tuesday went for vocal training in Jaya One.. My parents afraid I might lost the way..So they follow me as well... Its every Tuesday 8pm till 10pm.. Walao..Pity of them to wait for 2 hours..Love them so much.. Haha! Although sometimes they nagged a lot in the car of my driving skills.. Anyway I enjoyed so much for my first vocal lessons..The teacher there is funny, but when it comes to serious matter, don't mess up with her wei..And she sang so well, beautiful wei! Strong and yet beautiful voice..

I was kinda nervous when she asked me to sing.. She knew I'm nervous, hehe.. Need to watch out for my tempo.. She chose a slow song for me.. From that day onwards, she will give assignment, with format somemore..Must take this seriously..Have to manage my time for vocal and also my college assignment..Life is getting busier but its really worth a lot! Thank God for opportunity..

Went fellowship with my old buddies, Michael,Peter, Wei Xiang and Mun Hin.. Funny man..I don't care even if we act as small kids..Memories.. Thank God for friends around me.. I felt alive.. Smile =)

Old photos here by the way.. =)

Me helping W10 to carry their equipments..
Don't take la..
Funny people..

Jeremy and I.. Amy called us " Jeremandy" What a combination..

That's all for now..chiaozzz... =)

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