Monday, September 27, 2010

Chapter 51~ Hectil month until November! =)

This month is gonna be busy!! I have marketing,accounting,professional development assignments and assessments to be done! Haha! Glad that my team make it for today's presentation on Disney.. My family and relatives went to China to visit my ancestor.. Hehe..My dad research and found it!

So only Marita and I at home.. Sheyvin, Shan Yong, Jane and I practice Praise and Worship, also on Jane's composed song, entitled "因为你" , its a very nice song, I collaborate with Jane's piano, its superb! We went Lok Lok with Andrew Tham's cell group,then Asia Cafe...What a night last Thursday!

I kept playing the next day on Friday before cell group, its really a nice song! Oh! We had multiplication week on Friday for W28 and W33, divided into 3, Assunta, Taylors and USJ cell group!! Led by Joy, Sheyvin and Shan Yong!! After cell group, we sang the song " Just like a rose " to Wen Dee Lim!! Wanna appreciate her as a leader, every one of us will take turn to give a lovely speech and thanksgiving to Wen Dee, then paste the love note on the card board..

Later we went to celebrate Elaine's birthday!! Haha! My mei mei! She's 17 this year.. SPM year! Gonna graduate soon.. Time really flies, its like yesterday she's just 15 years old for PMR, andI'm 17 preparing for SPM, we celebrate at Ian's place.. Chat, eat pizza, have fun there

Photo of me during Elaine's birthday,,,Pizza yum! xD

The next day, Jonathan was quite emo, thinking that we have forgotten his birthday..

The plan is that I took him out for pool, and that Shan Yong and Siew Mun was late while secretly waiting for everybody downstairs... Once everyone reached, they went upstairs and wished him Happy Birthday!! Awwww...He was touched and happy! We made his day! We continue playing pool, eat cakes, taking photo, chit chat, play foosball!! Then another surprise in Mamak! Surprise Jonathan with a fish! Inside there was a card, made by Jane! Ahem~ xD We gave him Bubblebee as a present..Glad to see him smiling.. =D

Will upload more photos of last week... Chiaozzz.. =)

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