Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chapter 53~ W28 Cell Group awesome!!

After multiplying our cell group, we became smaller once again.. On the day of multiplication, we divided to Assunta cell group, Taylors cell group and USJ cell group.. Our first cell group W28 led by Shan Yong held in Empire Mall the highest flour, we rent a room there.. hehe.. =) Its a gadget area... It has a plasma TV inside the room..

We decided to play ps3 or nintendo wii after cell group. However, they said is under maintanence..Haizzz..Anyway, we share how are we gonna manage our cell group in the future.. Loving new friends, give them the feeling of belonging, no left outs.. Creative ideas, new ideas for cell group! Oh! Ian had cell group there too.. But is upstairs and public, is spacious!Can hear them cheer, Praise and Worship! LOL! Proud of them!We took a lot of photos inside the room.. xD

Doof!! =D
Jonathan,Cleo and I... =)

Shan Yong's turn, our cell group leader!! =D

Stop the doof thing la!


The guys..


Act cool again..
So many photos..tired d..
Shan Yong is the only wan Doof"ing" Xp
And again... haha!
Cleo and I =)
Oh we went Macdonalds in ss15 to hang out, we wanted to play mafia..Because of the presence of guitar, we sang Praise and Worship in a big room again!! This time we close door..So hyper and happy! Will upload another photo of my cell group last Friday.. Sign off!!

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