Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chapter 54~ Got back some past events photos from Michael!! =D

Yesterday was Audrey Yong's birthday!! Before going to celebrate, I went to Guo Yao's house to prepare.. He told me of his last minute uploading pictures during form 4 and 5!! I was kinda excited and tag myself..Hehe.. Memories.. Went to Audrey Yong's birthday at Kota Damansara, took some photos there.. We went back early after dinner at 11pm.. They planned to stay for Karaoke..Hehee.. We were so tired..Haizzz..These are the old photos..

During form 5, class trip to Genting..

Love this part..Played several times..

We were all so adventurous that time!!

Again for another ride!!

Crazy wei!!

During form 5, I love cool pose..

Cool pose again... Zzzz..In school..

Love to have fun with others..

I didn't know how to smile in front of the camera at that time.. xD

Woooo..Concentrating in class..Front row somemore leh..

With basketball mate..Shaun Lau..

Haizzz...Seriously time passed so fast!! Love the moments! I can still remember, I was kinda playful that time..Ever since after PMR, my friends introduced me to a lot of computer games, online games..I became so addictive that time..Will upload more photos soon in the present!! =)

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