Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chapter 55~ Coming to the end of the semester!

Coming to the end of the semester lo!! Time passed so fast..Seems like just entered semester 2 not long ago!! Haizzz.. Last week cell group not that good. But, we manage to breakthrough! Its like a test or trial! First of all, we reached late in church, suppose to meet each other around 6.30 at church and go together. But we reached at 7.20pm like that. Have to fetch Jane and the assuntarians.. Then we went together..

Along the way, we encountered some problems. First, they lost me.. We met at Caltex.. Then, we lost John! We wait at Taylors Lakeside Campus.. By the time we reached Puchong, Shawn's apartment, its already 8.30pm.. I realized I lost my guitar pick and chords sheet.. Then we just have to go on without guitar music.. Acapella..

Furthermore, Ethan was sick.. What a bad day! While he's fetching the assuntarians back, John, Michael,me, Cleo, Seline ( Shawn's sister ) went and swim.. Nice chatting with Shawn's brother anyway, gave me a lot of riddles to solve.. He and Seline told us ghost stories, spooky experiences while swimming..The night is so cold, plus ghost story, its even colder!

Anyway, these are the pictures taken during Audrey Yong's birthday...

We ate at Full House =)
Audrey and I =)
Guys group picture.. =)

Will upload more photos for Jon's birthday may be for the last post of October.. =)

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