Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chapter 56~ Almost end of the semester..

Yay!! Coming to the end of the semester lo.. Next week is my exam, finals!! Haven't study yet leh! Today hardcore study in the library, my friends gave me all the tips for marketing, accounting, and ISB.. Giving me past year questions!! Woohoo!! I realized I was so focus that time, didn't even talk, concentrating the topic..

Anyway, this morning is my first time washing my own " Baby" car... LOL! Sien lo.. Everytime park near Asia Cafe under the tree, kena " bomb" a.k.a bird shit.. =.='' What la.. Feel la buying sniper gun to shoot those birds.. LOL! I nothing better to do, spray the water on Marita and my sister's car.. Haha!!

SPM students!! All the best!! Very easy only leh... Just keep writing never stop.. Just now have Praise and Worship practice.. Shan Yong just became my apprentice..He officially called me " sifu " I taught him guitar... OH!! We took part in the competition, is called States of the Arts, Jane Jee, Jonathan, Ethan, me and Jackson took part in the competition.. We are playing 3 songs, composed by Jane Jee and Jonathan, I played 1 electric guitar for 1 song, and 2 songs for acoustic guitar...

We just found the studio near ss15!! Cost RM25 per hour, another RM35 per hour.. We had our jamming session there..Its so fun!! Haha

This picture drawed by one of my Halo forest classmate for vocal class..Sharyn.. The twins is Sheng Yu, Sheng Han, behind is Yee Cheng, short hair is Joanne, I'm in the middle.. Feel so yeng... xD

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