Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chapter 57~ November here I come!! 5th Arise and Build! =)

Wooohoo! Yesterday was a great cell group! We did a mock pledge for 5th Arise and Build.. Today Dr Phil Pringle is coming to our church to preach!! Pastor tried so hard to invite him to our church.. Is like once in a full moon..We definitely must treasure this moment!! Anyway, during supper.. Heard a lot of secrets..Haizz.. I kinda disappointed..

Its kinda sad when someone you trusted lied to you... Keeping the truth from you.. =( Anyway, Xin Yi wore her new dress!! Is nice..This is for her graduation dinner.. She said after wearing it, she don't feel like taking it down..LOL! Had a great chat with Jasrynn yesterday on the phone.. Sien leh, Monday is my first paper, then Friday, and the final paper is on the following Friday..

Struggling leh! Don't know what song to choose for my vocal lesson.. So happy that day on Tuesday, my teacher praise me, said that I can be so into the song, if my foundation and basic vocal is strong I can be a great singer.. And you know what! It seems that I'm using vocal technique d! Woohoo! I didn't use my throat, instead I sing with my diaphragm, breathing in and out.. =)

Oh!Yesterday had bible study with Ethan and Peter..Wen Dee taught us.. I jumped to Foundation Truth 1.. Second lesson.. Ten effects of God's Word.. Then later Dini asked me whether I can help in basketball for Emerge Junior..Dancing and Singing! Hhaahah!! Excited! After my finals, I'm gonna teach in guitar class! xD Passing down the legacy for the next generation! Its time!

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