Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chapter 59~ Two more papers to go.. Tommorow another paper!

Woohoo!! We had ISB exam on Monday.. Its quite easy with the notes.. The rules is that you can bring in one A4 paper, A.K.A cheatsheet with notes to the exam hall.. hahaha! 2 pages filled with answers and notes.. xD Thanks to Zheng Yaw..

Anyway, we celebrated Indri,Jonathan Lim and Janice Wong birthday in Itallianese, Sunway Pyramid last Saturday after service.. Pastor Phil Pringle preached a very great sermon of Faith during the service..Although is simple, but powerful!! Totally change our mindset..

This are the photos taken during fellowship in Itallianese in Sunway, New Wing.. =)

Our cell group W28.. =)


Celebrated Sharon's birthday today in Red Box, Sunway Pyramid.. Sing K kao kao wei!! Training my voice.. I'm so glad God gave me the opportunity to learn vocal from a great teacher!! Chilla teacher!! Hehee.. With her lessons, I learned to sing with my diaphragm and chest voice.. Throwing the bad habit of using my throat to sing..It takes time.. Had a great lunch with Elaine Tan too on Monday in Cassian Kitchen, time for updates.. xD

Tommorow is Marketing paper! Then the final paper will be on next Friday! Accounting..Woohoo!! Gonna end the semester and begin my holiday!! =D Gambatte!!

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