Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chapter 60~ Holiday is just few hours away.. xD

Tommorow is my last paper..Accounting!! Hehee..Don't ever forget to bring calculator!! Woohoo!! Hopefully we can make through the State of Arts!! Encountered few problems in the studio.. Not open..Haizzz.. Need to record ah!! For the audition! Must enter finals!

Hahaha! Oh! Last Saturday we had dinner after service in Jojo Pan Mee..Then, we played board and card games in Meeples! Funny time.. There's a game called cockroaches..Basically, you must lied and lied to survive.. " LIED AND LIED SOMEMORE.. " The game is not about winning, is about not losing... Caught Jonathan a few times! And also Shan Yong.. Cleo is hard to catch..

We also play this game..Also some sort of surviving game..
Took by Cleo 2 weeks back..
Conquering the board..

Anyway, after my exam, I have so many plans.. Hanging out with friends, time to sharpen my vocal skills, guitar,piano.. xD Meeting with my old friends.. A gathering.. Chiaozzzz.. =)

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