Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chapter 61~ Illusion.. But still praise God!! xD

Keith preached on " God Changed My Name" during the service!! Power sermon, although is hard solid bible study..But it still worth a while..Learn a lot of stuff.. Anyway, after service, Ethan,Jasrynn, Jonathan and I went to Cassian Kitchen to eat and hang out.. We hang out there until late night.. So many things to update and chat about!! Talking about girls ah, questioning here and there..Lol!

Is kinda sad, we didn't make it for SoTA, but we spent quality time together during jamming session.. Anyway, went to NewBox Karaoke yesterday with Jonathan, Ethan and Cleo after their bible study... We sang from 4pm until 7pm.. Then went to New Church building for meeting Emerge Jr.. Went and see what are the dance crew practicing.. Is been so long I didn't joined back the ministry..Haizzz..Missed it a lot..

Best thing was, Ethan and I shared and chat a lot during yum cha after back from New Church Building..Woohoo!! Hahaha! Secrets... We really can share each other thoughts..Lol! I'm good at visualizing..Didn't know that..hehe..Went back home at 2am.. Yawn~

Photos taken in Cassian Kitchen =)

Thats it for now..Ciaozzz.. xD

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