Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chapter 63~ Sometimes things didn't went well... =(

Haizzzz...Mum went for holiday trip.. So quiet at home..Today Dad is going US as well to visit my brother.. Anyway, last week so many things happen..Miscommunication between 2 parties.. Jonathan composed a new song, title " You and Me", there is another name for it too,but don't wanna mention about it.. We jam in Segi College last Friday..Ethan went for high school trip with all his west subzone leaders..

Heard they were having so much fun..Anyway, we celebrated Sharon and Jeremy's birthday last Sunday in church after service.. I went to pyramid, spent 1 hour parking.. So crowded and jam packed! HAIZZZ..Reached there for 15 minutes then have to leave again..Sienzz...

Kinda disappointed, few of my friends disappointed me... Well, may be God wanna show me that even you treated the person well and with sincerity, it doesn't goes back to you..It may return with bad results.. Thats happening to me.. Feel like releasing stress..This week gonna call out some friends to release the tension.. Anyway, I faced this situation so many times until I'm sien and fed up adi..

This coming December gonna buy presents for my friends,leaders and family!! Woohooo!! Hahaha!! Cannot love without giving, giving shows how much you love the person! xD Decided to throw away all the negative thoughts and focus on how to bless the person and the people around me.. =)

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