Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chapter 68~ Final post of the year... =)

Final post of the year...Anyway, just received photos for modeling from one of our photographer.. Hmmmm...Not bad.. xD

This is just acting only...Remember! Acting only..

Anyway, I heard something interesting and shocking from my dad during dinner time.. I thought is a freaking joke..Previously, he gave me a lot of hints and clues.. This secret can only be reveal next year, no idea which month.. LOL!

Anyway,yesterday had a blast with my old primary school friends!! Me, Wei Xiang, Yi Hang, Seng Hon and our guest Mun Hin..Went to Gasoline and chat whole day long, ate lunch there..Then, we changed venue to Kim Gary to chat and have dinner.. Went to Meeples at ss15 to play games..Hhaha!! Really laugh our bellies out! We played the cockroach bluff game,balloon daring game, the cowboy board game..
Wei Xiang is peacing.. xD

That's it for now! Happy New Year 2011 guys!! =DDD See you next year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Chapter 67~ Happy Christmas Eve and Happy Birthday to my sister!!

Wow! Just too fast.. Can you please slow down time? Haizzzz.. A few more days and its gonna be 2011! Can't believe it! I still missed high school.. From pre-U to my degree! Next year is my second year! Oh my gosh! Then another year is my final year..Then, working adult, married.. So fast! Oh my! Anyway, today is my sister's birthday..The whole world celebrating Christmas Eve and in the same time her birthday..

Most of my friends back in hometown, some went for vacation,celebrating Christmas somewhere else.. What makes me wonder the most is why so many them went back Singapore? I mean like heard from a lot of them.. " Singapore...Singapore...Singapore".. Sien lo.. Love Christmas songs a lot!! Hear it often in shopping complex and else where in the restaurant..

Ate at windmill near ss15 celebrating my sister's birthday.. Now that I have Iphone, I can twit anytime on twitter of what am I doing and facebook!! Woohoo!! Ate my favourite medium rare steak.. Yum!Yum! And free gifts for ordering set..A teddy bear..Wanna give to a friend, a girl..haha!When I look back at 2010, its not bad after all.. Next year 2011, I wanna do something extraordinary, achieve my goals and vision..My new year resolution.. So when I look back..I will say " Hey, I have no regrets! ".. Gambatte!

Hahaha!! This was taken during combine cg.. Kalah in cg games...xDFinal cell group of the year!! xD

Oh! And I did preached in cell group! Hhahaha! The cultural mandate..Thats all for now..Next post will be my last post of the year ended!! xD ( Hopefully... )

Friday, December 17, 2010

Chapter 66~Just a few more days till Christmas!

Just a few more days till Christmas!! Yesterday hang out with my secondary school friends,Guo Yao,Young Wae and Zhi Sheng.. Epic wei yesterday when we are finding parking space..There's a kind dude show us the way to his parking space.. xD Watch " Tron Legacy ". Quite nice, an old video game converted to a movie.. Graphic is nice,however the plot is ok to me..

Anyway these are the photos taken on Wednesday, outing with Jeremy, Jet Cheah.. At night dota with Ryan Chong..
Camwhore with the hat in Brand Outlet near Giant..
With the sunglasses on!
Hahahaha! Funny wei..
Jet Cheah so drama wei...

Saturday going out with this guys again!! Excited for Christmas! =D

Monday, December 13, 2010

Chapter 65~ Christmas Christmas!!

Woohoo!! Christmas is just around the corner...Planning to buy presents for family and friends!! Hahaha!! Figuring how am I gonna celebrate my Christmas with my loved ones.. Anyway, Jane Zhang Liang Ying blows me away man...Her vocal range is freaking high..When she sang Loving You and duet with Lee Hom 另一个天堂... Walao.. From key C3 till F#5.. She's like Shayne Ward..

My vocal class on Tuesday normally sang in mandarin song..Now my teacher is open to all songs, including English! Yay man! Haha! Wondering what song to sing.. Anyway, watched Due Date with Michael Yong, he still had 3 more papers to go for STPM! Zhi Sheng finished his paper, and he's in Singapore..Jealous sial...

My mum came back from New York, bought new shirt for me..Nice wei.. M size is consider big in US.. We had our final cell group on Thursday in Tissy's residence..

Watch it! Its freaking funny and whacky! =)

That's all for now..Ciaozzz!! =)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Chapter 64~ Oh no! Its december already..

Its already December d.. =.= Just too fast.. Gonna go for Christmas shopping,buy presents for my leaders and loved ones..Hehe.. This week nothing much, hang out with friends yesterday for steamboat..Parents in New York with my brother,coming back tommorow.. Anyway, these are the photos taken during SoTA.. =)

Really nothing much this week, haha! Till next post.. Chiaozz... =)