Monday, December 13, 2010

Chapter 65~ Christmas Christmas!!

Woohoo!! Christmas is just around the corner...Planning to buy presents for family and friends!! Hahaha!! Figuring how am I gonna celebrate my Christmas with my loved ones.. Anyway, Jane Zhang Liang Ying blows me away man...Her vocal range is freaking high..When she sang Loving You and duet with Lee Hom 另一个天堂... Walao.. From key C3 till F#5.. She's like Shayne Ward..

My vocal class on Tuesday normally sang in mandarin song..Now my teacher is open to all songs, including English! Yay man! Haha! Wondering what song to sing.. Anyway, watched Due Date with Michael Yong, he still had 3 more papers to go for STPM! Zhi Sheng finished his paper, and he's in Singapore..Jealous sial...

My mum came back from New York, bought new shirt for me..Nice wei.. M size is consider big in US.. We had our final cell group on Thursday in Tissy's residence..

Watch it! Its freaking funny and whacky! =)

That's all for now..Ciaozzz!! =)

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