Friday, December 17, 2010

Chapter 66~Just a few more days till Christmas!

Just a few more days till Christmas!! Yesterday hang out with my secondary school friends,Guo Yao,Young Wae and Zhi Sheng.. Epic wei yesterday when we are finding parking space..There's a kind dude show us the way to his parking space.. xD Watch " Tron Legacy ". Quite nice, an old video game converted to a movie.. Graphic is nice,however the plot is ok to me..

Anyway these are the photos taken on Wednesday, outing with Jeremy, Jet Cheah.. At night dota with Ryan Chong..
Camwhore with the hat in Brand Outlet near Giant..
With the sunglasses on!
Hahahaha! Funny wei..
Jet Cheah so drama wei...

Saturday going out with this guys again!! Excited for Christmas! =D

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