Friday, December 24, 2010

Chapter 67~ Happy Christmas Eve and Happy Birthday to my sister!!

Wow! Just too fast.. Can you please slow down time? Haizzzz.. A few more days and its gonna be 2011! Can't believe it! I still missed high school.. From pre-U to my degree! Next year is my second year! Oh my gosh! Then another year is my final year..Then, working adult, married.. So fast! Oh my! Anyway, today is my sister's birthday..The whole world celebrating Christmas Eve and in the same time her birthday..

Most of my friends back in hometown, some went for vacation,celebrating Christmas somewhere else.. What makes me wonder the most is why so many them went back Singapore? I mean like heard from a lot of them.. " Singapore...Singapore...Singapore".. Sien lo.. Love Christmas songs a lot!! Hear it often in shopping complex and else where in the restaurant..

Ate at windmill near ss15 celebrating my sister's birthday.. Now that I have Iphone, I can twit anytime on twitter of what am I doing and facebook!! Woohoo!! Ate my favourite medium rare steak.. Yum!Yum! And free gifts for ordering set..A teddy bear..Wanna give to a friend, a girl..haha!When I look back at 2010, its not bad after all.. Next year 2011, I wanna do something extraordinary, achieve my goals and vision..My new year resolution.. So when I look back..I will say " Hey, I have no regrets! ".. Gambatte!

Hahaha!! This was taken during combine cg.. Kalah in cg games...xDFinal cell group of the year!! xD

Oh! And I did preached in cell group! Hhahaha! The cultural mandate..Thats all for now..Next post will be my last post of the year ended!! xD ( Hopefully... )

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