Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chapter 68~ Final post of the year... =)

Final post of the year...Anyway, just received photos for modeling from one of our photographer.. Hmmmm...Not bad.. xD

This is just acting only...Remember! Acting only..

Anyway, I heard something interesting and shocking from my dad during dinner time.. I thought is a freaking joke..Previously, he gave me a lot of hints and clues.. This secret can only be reveal next year, no idea which month.. LOL!

Anyway,yesterday had a blast with my old primary school friends!! Me, Wei Xiang, Yi Hang, Seng Hon and our guest Mun Hin..Went to Gasoline and chat whole day long, ate lunch there..Then, we changed venue to Kim Gary to chat and have dinner.. Went to Meeples at ss15 to play games..Hhaha!! Really laugh our bellies out! We played the cockroach bluff game,balloon daring game, the cowboy board game..
Wei Xiang is peacing.. xD

That's it for now! Happy New Year 2011 guys!! =DDD See you next year!

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