Friday, January 14, 2011

Chapter 70~ Cleo's birthday at Meeples..

Celebrated Cleo's birthday last Saturday.. During cell group on Saturday and after service at Meeples exactly 12am..
Birthday girl,Cleo!! xD
In meeples..
Playing cards..
Serious man..So into it.. xD
Wern Sern joined us later..
Jeremy.. Hmmmm... Thinking of someone? Xp
Improvising their strategies..Haha!

Taken by Cleo.. Thanks for her scarf.. Sigh... Forgotten to shave..

The comedian, Richard Liew!
The cutest Elaine!

Again taken by Cleo..
She even take a photo of my iphone..My pet sister!!
Indri..Silent killer.. From Madagascar!
Elaine Tan.. Ain't she's beautiful? ^^

Wern Sern's cool pose..
Group photos after 12am.. =)Lame shots.. Models from game set..Kissing.. Why is that " light bulb" interfering?Mouse and Cat peace!!Kissing again..
The animal family!

That's all for now.. Chiaozzz..

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