Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chapter 71~ Closer....

I realized ever since we primary school ex classmates met in pyramid gasoline, we became closer and well connected, take out all the old photos and albums.. Scan and upload to the website..Hhaha!! At first I feel so embarrassed! Ashamed of my old self.. But then, who cares man? When I'm together with them, bring it on! Hahahah!

We took out a group class photo when we are primary 3.. Once we post it on facebook.. Can you imagine, this bomb already exploded to 200 comments!! haha! We had a great time chatting.. Then a mini lunch gathering yesterday, but I didn't make it, as due to tight schedule.. Anyway, I had fun with Candy,Yi Hang,Wei Xiang and Shein Hong at Yi Hang's place.. We chat, play UNO Stacks and show our talents..Hahaha! Candy and Shein Hong can play piano.. xD

We went Jojo Kitchen to eat,met up a few friends and then MEEPLES!! Played the game BANG! Fun game..We enjoyed so much..Laughed till our bellies pain..Just that we short of 1 player, Candy went home early..Haizzz..Anyway, looking forward for another gathering!

This photo taken by Cleo..Hhehee..Personally like the scarf I put on..

Thats all for now..Chiaozzzz..!! =D

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