Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chapter 72~ Happy Birthday Andy!!

Yay!! Happy birthday to myself!! I'm 20 officially!! Haahaaha! Not gonna say I'm growing older.. Looking at the positive side, I'm a grown up young adult! Woohoo! Very excited for today birthday party celebration later at 7pm.. Gonna see my primary school friends,secondary school friends, tuition friends, college friends and church friends! Oh yes!

Can't wait to take pictures, play games, chat with them, eat! Just so excited.. =D Gonna make this day fun! I'm thinking of playing mafia with them, since there are so many people.. Not to mention, some of them gonna sleep over my place... Gonna clean up my room..My room is messy, I don't usually let people come in wan.. Looking back the past, just so fast, can please slow it down..I wanna enjoy every moment with every loved ones..

I have 3 wishes for my birthday: Firstly,My parents to have great health and always be happy! Secondly is to my loved ones to remain friendship in touch,and successful in their career! Last wish I keep it to myself...

Currently, my facebook wall is flooded with comments and wishes.. Touch~ Love you guys.. We gonna have fun!! xD See you at 7pm! Andy's place! USJ 16, for more information, please call 0122311051.. If you wanna visit, don't bother knocking in, just come in only!! Hehehe.. Next post will upload pictures..

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