Monday, January 24, 2011

Chapter 73~ My birthday party event with my loved ones! ^^

It was a tremendous, prosperous, memorable birthday party I had on Saturday.. Invited my primary,secondary,college,tuition and church friend to come.. Had so much.. Surprises that I didn't expect or anticipate.. During half way eating, we all heard fireworks! And they sang birthday song to me.. Hahaha! Anyway, let the picture speak for itself!

Picture taken by Hanny.. My birthday party!
W16, the first one to arrived! Siang Lin came later.. =)
My relatives and cousins!
My secondary school friends, Jon,Lydia,Julian,Michael and Zhi Sheng..
Makan!Makan!Next is Jeremy,Zheng Ta,Kai Qin,Brandon,Eunice and Indri..
So happy to see them makan!
Some of my primary school mates!
Joeyee and Siang Lin became good friends!
Awwww...!! They made this lovely cardboard for me.. =)
What can I say more? Love you guys!
My classmates again! They are all grown up..Proud of them..
Happy people!
Yay! W10,W11,W16,W28! Thanks guys for coming to my party! =D
W16! My ex cell group members...
My own cell group members! W28!
My family!! Hehehe..
Birthday card from my cell group and other cell group! Thanks guys!
Hahaha! Nice card guys,it does relate to me..
Eunice,Indri and Brandon! =)
Wen Dee and I!! My first-ever-best-cell group leader since I step into City Harvest 2005!
Cleo and I!
My birthday cake! Yum!Yum!
Errmmmmmm..Making wishes and speech..I was quite shy there..So many people surrounded me...
Makan and fellowshiping..
We were all playing mafia game..heehe..Listening to the narrator..Me! =)
Lol! It was funny back then when we play games!
Saw that flash figure? That's my mum!
Hahaha! Shein Hong kena sabo! Photographer by Hanny!Again group photo! =)
Played truth or dare,Candy chose dare,I dare her to play with Ethan!My cell group leader! hehe..Thanks for the birthday cardboard guys! Sweet words..
I knew you guys will do something unexpected.. hehe...Nice image! xDBirthday card from my cell group and other cell groups.. =)I read every wishes.. Thank you so much!

That night, I was the HAPPIEST GUY on planet Earth!! 10 of them overnight my place.. We played Bang! Game set from meeples..They bought me as a birthday gift! Played with Joy and Siew Mun..The girls slept earlier..5 girls upstairs and 5 boys downstairs..We chat and didn't sleep the whole night, then we went MCD for breakfast.. =)

Wanna Thank God for everything.. HE's good to me.. That's all for now.. =D

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