Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chapter 78~ The month of February seems to be a long period.. xD

Feels like February takes forever to end.. Well, my new semester commence! Phew! After a 3 months break.. New subjects, more on specialization units.. Now can focus on marketing and international trade.. Oh, what happen this few weeks? xD
Familiar? That's me! On valentines day, in Segi College!
Playing ethan's favourite songs, Hero and Always be my baby

Taking pictures! hehe..
Sing and sing and sing!
Ermmm..keep singing?
Look at Elaine Tan Shi En's masterpiece! She drew her W10 bulletin!
Joy's birthday celebration..
Ashley and Eunice " Love"
Wen Dee and Joy!
The long crowd! xD

It's been a busy week! Back to normal.. Is kinda fun..Not bad after all.. Hmmmm.. What did I do for this week? Fetching Elaine early in the morning to work, after work, watched movie " No strings attached".. Seeing her almost everyday d.. Hmmmm.. I'm actually addicted to " Monopoly Deal" card games.. We played almost every week after service! Went all the way to Klang and ate pan mee, then back to Subang A&W to play monopoly..

I think I end it here, kinda tired..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chapter 77~ Holiday is gonna end soon! A new semester starts! xD

Time to update! Haha! Starting my second year in Sunway University College next week! So fast! Need to set back to normal mode.. Can't sleep late, and its a must to wake up early.. After all the relaxing time since last year.. Gonna start classes and assignments.. The feeling of going back to college is so different than going back to school..College is more fun! Although stress la.. Anyway, went out a lot events after events! Heheee..

Peace! =)
Fei Fei and I! My dog! Ain't she's cute? xD
Fei Fei sitting posture totally feminine!
Jasrynn and Ethan playing with Fei Fei! xDElaine! Have a sense of korean fashion!
Jeremy,"me" and Elaine..

Went to " LIBRARY" somewhere in Puchong! Until 3am!
All smsing.. =.=''
We played the Dare game.. Shein Hong was forced to kiss Jackie! Xp

Anyway, celebrated valentines day in Segi on Monday! Went there and perform! Playing the guitar and keyboard, and sing too! So tired.. Came back home,shower and went out again with my primary school friends to Library..

Lou Sang with Cell Group members!!
Visited Joeyee's place..She stayed at the same area as Mun Hin! Court 9.. Frisbee player! xD

That's all for today.. Will update soon! Chiaozzz!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chapter 76~ Events after events.. Been going out a lot!

Been going out a lot ever since I'm closed and connected with my primary school friends.. Kinda emo now, Candy left Malaysia.. Anyway, these are the pictures taken for this month...

Yu Heng took this picture of me writing wishes for Candy.. Its 6.30am!
Shein Hong wore a wrong pair of shoes, this what happens when you are not conscious..
All Myvi lo..Sien dao!
Candy's place,her grand piano! I want!
Preparing to go into her room! haha! Sneaking in!
Yi Hang's dog, coco!
Jackie and Jeslynn Law!
Shein Hong still half asleep..
Candy's cake!
Hyper sial..
So feminine!
Cry! Cry! Cry!Sob...!
Tak puas hati..
Errrr...!! No comment!

That's all for now..Will upload video for next post! xD

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chapter 75~ Happy Chinese New Year people! 8888888!!

So many happening events during Chinese New Year.. Watched 3 movies all together with my family in Malacca at Dataran Pahlawan.. Our hotel just walking distance away.. Hahah! Just the opposite, no need to be afraid of jam.. We had trouble coming back from hometown, jam! Everyone is rushing back home.. Can't go segamat cuz its flooding..Sigh...

Anyway, these are the pictures taken with my friends before Chinese New Year...

Karaoke time!

Meeples! The present we bought is for Candy, for her farewell!
Surprise at Candy's place..
My birthday with my primary school friends, and others..
Cell group time! haha! That's my cell group leader!
Combined cell group W28 and W10...
Uno stackos! One of our photo taken at Yi Hang's place
Random taking by Wei Xiang, all 5 of us drove Myvi.. Planning to take together one day..

Candy went to Switzerland on Friday..Sad wei... No chance to say goodbye to her..Anyway! I recorded a video in my hotel, my message for her, uploaded on facebook thanks to iPhone! hehe..

Candy Toong Chui Dear, primary school classmate for 6 years, 6A/2003

Will upload videos for the next post! Till then! =)