Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chapter 74~ Spending time with old primary gang... =)

Spent the 4 days with my primary school gang, Shein Hong,Yi Hang,Yu Heng,Jac Kie,Chia Syn,Ching Min,and the awesome Candy!! We discussed Candy's farewell surprise on Saturday..Prank call her, and also " pakating " with her mum.. Then, we woke up 6.30am in the morning, gathered at Shein Hong's place, and went to Kota Kemuning Bukit Rimau to surprise her on BED!!

Recorded a video, surprise her by applying toothpaste on her face..Hehhehee..Candy took us for a tour, showing us big,humongous houses banglo and semi-D, some of them just too big, exaggerating, like VILLA.. Then, meeples at night..Hahaha! Went Karaoke at Neway on Monday..

This is my first time experiencing high pitch, Candy gave me the inspiration! She made me dare to sing it out! Great thing is I manage to hit that note, I also can't believe it! Feel my vocal cords breakthrough!! Hehehe.. So alive! After hitting that note, need to control.. Then night time, we went yum cha and shopping at pyramid..Planning to go Coco Banana, but then too expensive leh.. Went Shein Hong's place and chilled out, play X-BOX and chat...

This is the photo taken in Neway..
YAY! Love singing..
Taken during singing..
Watching the MV

There's more photo..Will upload soon.. Oh, Candy showed her awesomeness high pitch and power voice during Karaoke..I seriously think she can go for recording and competition..Seriously lo..She did well, recorded video of her singing.. However, its different in video, a bit flat..But during Karaoke,perfect pitch.. I think because of sound system..

Lol! These 4 days didn't manage to blog because going out too often.. Yesterday we ate at KFC Taipan then we played Bang at Yi Hang's place.. 8 players, took quite long to finish the game.. We took our dinner at SILVA, ss15 at 10pm.. Planning to go Snow Flakes wan, but then close.. Sigh... What a day.. Kinda tired..Today reunion dinner!

That's all for now! Will upload new photos and video!!

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